My father, Argyris Gavriilides, set up our family tradition in the tailoring industry in 1967, when he launched his own tailoring shop.


With hard work and demonstrating unparalleled passion and dedication, he creatively expressed the trends and fashion of his day. In a few years, his tailoring shop became a reference point for singers, businessmen, Members of Parliament, and ordinary people.

Having learned the secrets of artful tailoring from my father, thus being a second-generation tailor, i indulged myself in the world of bespoke creations.


We concentrate solely on the importance of our clients and respect their individual needs and wishes. By choosing modern and high-quality fabrics we create garments that fit in with their lifestyle, personality and distinctive taste and style.


From the first cut to the final fitting of the suit everything is done by hand, following the traditional techniques that were bequeathed to us with love and affection. Each of our creations is unique and emphasizes the respect, admiration and true love for the bespoke suit.